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Producing a Weekly Podcast

There’s an explosion of podcasts these days, including plenty on education. But there aren’t too many strongly-produced weekly shows focusing on the intersection of education and technology. So we’re trying to fill that gap with the EdSurge Podcast, which I produce and co-host.

We try not to lead with the tech—in fact, we think of it as a place to tell stories about how education is changing, and about big questions faced by educators in their work and how those are often tied up in big questions about the role of education in American life. It’s a fertile and fascinating space.

It means I get to explore how educators struggle with how to teach students to live a good life, about how the high cost of colleges is changing life for middle class Americans, and why there are so many novels and movies satirizing college life. The podcast also gave me an excuse to go back and interview one of the most influential teachers in my life, John McPhee.

I’m not doing this alone. While I host most week’s episodes, my colleagues take the microphone some weeks to bring their best stories. One checked in with teachers who face increasing feelings of burnout (well, actually, more like demoralization), another talked with a Yale professor about why social-emotional learning is suddenly in the spotlight.

We’re doing more to get the word out these days. We’ll be on stage for our first live taping of an episode at the SXSWedu festival in March. And my college alumni magazine did a nice piece recently about the show.

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