Introducing the Re:Learning Project

We’ve just launched a new project at The Chronicle of Higher Education to track what we’re calling the New Education Landscape. Colleges are changing how they operate and how they teach, under pressure from lawmakers, parents, and students to respond to new economic realities. And new players are emerging—start-ups backed by record Silicon Valley investment, deep-pocketed foundations set on reform, and academic outsiders using platforms that let anyone teach courses.

I’m leading this ReLearning effort and writing a column for it — my first piece attempts to explain a big-data trend called “learning analytics” and explore how it might change the role of the professor. But the best part is that Re:Learning has a strong roster of other contributors, mainly ace Chronicle reporter Goldie Blumenstyk, as well as op-eds from key thought leaders.

We’re trying to make these pieces accessible and lively — inspired by NPR’s Planet Money. And we’re also trying to build a community of readers — hoping to be a digital hub for people at colleges as well as folks at ed-tech companies and foundations to talk to each other — and get past the hypers versus haters debates that often go on around these topics to talk about how to help real students succeed.

You can even vote on what we should tackle next.

And I’ll be co-hosting a podcast as well — which will kick off in February.

Please check out what we’re up to, and jump in to the discussion. And the biggest concrete thing you can do to help is Like our page on Facebook.