Wearable Diaries Project

My First Wearable Diary from J Young on Vimeo.

I led this research project, in partnership with a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab, to develop an app for Google Glass to direct people to film day-in-the-life video stories. An experiment in immersive journalism.

Feature Video Goes Viral

To supplement a story I wrote about a controversy over Nerf guns on campus, I directed this video feature showing how “Humans Vs. Zombies” matches play out on college campuses. The video went viral, with more than 260,000 views.

Interview with Bill Gates

In the summer of 2012 I sat down for a half-hour interview with Bill Gates to discuss the future of higher education. The full interview can be found at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Independent Film Accepted to Festival

I edited a feature-length independent film, “The Ties That Bind,” which was accepted into the 2006 Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival in Atlanta.

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