EdSurge Podcast (January 2017 – present)
I’m now co-hosting the EdSurge On Air podcast, with Jenny Abamu. I generally do the interviews about the future of higher education, while she leads the K-12 focused discussions. The goal is to keep the interviews to about the length of a TED talk, so we do some editing to keep them focused.

Re:Learning Podcast (March 2016 – October 2016)
I founded and hosted this podcast on the future of education. Our blurb: On The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Re:Learning podcast, you’ll meet the renegade teachers, ed-tech entrepreneurs, longtime educators, and others shaping the future of college.

Tech Therapy monthly podcast (April 2010 – June 2013)
I co-host The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Tech Therapy podcast, a monthly analysis of the latest gadgets and buzzwords and what they mean for professors, administrators, and students. Guests have included Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia; Kevin Kelly, a co-founder of Wired magazine; and Frank Warren, founder of Post Secret.

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